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The Astrology is a science based on a set of principles that analyze our past, defined our present and predict our future. Astrology can help us to understand the personality, as well as the personalities of our family, friends, co-workers and even boyfriend / girlfriend or spouse. It is the study of planets and stars and their influences on our mind, body and Soul.

An astrologer can analyze any horoscope and prescribes the Astro remedies, which helps us strike the right balance and lead to harmony in life.

A horoscope usually plots the moment of birth and is used by astrologers to analyze character, as well as - in conjunction with other astrological data - to predict the future.
Our Horoscope services contains:
Personal Data:
Synopsis of your birth star, rasi, thidhi,lagna, etc

Birth Charts:
Birth Charts and break-up of the periods are essential in ascertaining auspicious times for marriages, etc.

Gives you interpretations of your Horoscope according to the Birth Star, Thidhi (Lunar Day), Nithya Yoga, Lagna (Ascendant), Lords of Houses, Property & Education, Marriage, Fortune, Prosperity & Inheritance and the effects of Planets in different Houses.

Dasa Predictions:
The Dasa system divides your life into periods and sub-periods, which are influenced by various planets. An indication of the trends of fortunes or misfortunes that may be expected are given. Predictions are given from the current Dasa onwards for a maximum period of twenty five years only. The starting and ending of each period is also given.

Transit Forecast:
The Transit forecast is based on the comparison of the present position of the planets with those in the birth charts. The movements of Sun, Jupiter and Saturn have a great influence in your life. Your immediate future is a blend of these predictions. Your Horoscope contains all these together, as a great package and is a ready reckoner, for anything - anytime.

Our Astrological Services

· Order for Horoscope
· Kundali Matching
· Business Reports
· Finance Reports
· Health Consultation
· Ask a Question
· Personalised Prediction
· Astro-Diet
· Life Reading
· Child Reports

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Residential Vastu
Commercial Vastu

Our Vastu Services are:
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